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January 2020 we featured Graphic Novels!
Graphic novels (Dewey Decimal 741.5) are a great way to GET and KEEP students reading. The more our children/students read the better! We have a lot of Graphic Novels for our middle and high school students to choose from already and are adding more as often as we can. The art work that you see in a graphic novel is pretty amazing and a great way for students to understand what they are reading. With that in mind, we have some very talented, artistic students here at Bennett and wanted to include their work around the library. Thankfully we were able to display a couple of graphic works by one of our very own students from our Art Department!  
PUZZLES! PUZZLES! PUZZLES! We have made puzzles available to our students... We have put one out every month since the beginning of the school year.  Some puzzles have taken longer and some have gone faster. It has been pretty awesome seeing our students spending a few minutes here and there working together on these puzzles.   
                                                                                                   February FUN!!   
Who doesn't like chocolate Valentine candy???  So, we decided to have a Valentine Candy guessing game... Closet guess wins ALL the candy!  Verified by Mr. Sanders there were 192 pieces of candy. We had 54 students that guessed their best guess and 7th grader Maribel M. was closest with her guess of 195!!