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Vision/Mission Statement

Tigers P.R.O.W.L. at Bennett Middle School! Perseverance / Respect / Ownership / Work Ethic /Leadership




Our Vision


Together, WE create positive student success!


Our Mission


WE are a positive, engaging, and safe school community that challenges ALL individuals with quality educational opportunities.



Our School’s Unified Improvement Plan, (U.I.P)


Every school is required by the state of Colorado to create and utilize a Unified Improvement Plan to guide its yearly professional goals for students, staff and the community that it serves. A copy of our school’s U.I.P. can be found on our school’s website. You may also schedule an in-person meeting with Mr. Conca if you have any questions about our school’s U.I.P. or to learn more about how we actualize our goals. 



To view Bennett Middle Schools updated UIP please click the links below.