2022/2023 School Supply List


Bennett Middle School

Supply List



6th 7th and 8th Grade School Supplies

Back Pack or Rolling Brief Case Bag – Purchase something that will protect a lap top computer and transport all student supplies to 9 different classes a day.
1 Flash Drive (for use in all classes)
Sticky Post-it notes
2 - dozen pencils
1 pkg. markers or colored pencils
1 package of red and blue pens
1 pkg. of loose-leaf paper lined paper
1 Expanding Accordion file folder organizer 7-8 files or One 2-inch three ring binder with 7-8 dividers.
1 Glue stick
1” binder with dividers for Band and Choir
2 three subject spiral notebooks with pockets
Headphones that plug into a computer
1 Daily planner / Assignment Calendar
1 Ruler
1 Water Bottle
1 Package of highlighters
1 Pair of Scissors

Shared supplies to be given to your 1st period teacher


3 boxes of Kleenex


Additional Resource Class Supplies (Special Education)

1 – 3 ring binder with dividers
Dry Erase Markers
One Sharpie

These supplies will give the students a good start at the beginning of the school year.  Supplies will probably run low at some point in the year.  Please check throughout the year that your child has the supplies he/she needs to be a successful student.



Students will check out a computer from the school to utilize for all their classes at school and at home.  Please keep in mind that all supplies will need to be transported from class to class every day as lockers will only hold coats, sports equipment and lunches.  A rolling bag or basket will come in very handy for transporting class supplies and protect the laptop from damage.




All BMS students will check out a laptop/Chromebook from the school library this upcoming year.  We have reduced the number of paper supplies to accommodate for the change over to a one to one technology school.  When shopping for school supplies we encourage families to purchase rolling bags that will protect and support the students laptops and school supplies being transported to and from school every day.  We are looking forward to seeing your students soon!